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Join the Campbell Medicine alumni family to enjoy support, resources and special events throughout your career.

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While supporting you throughout your career, the Campbell Medicine Alumni Association in partnership with the main campus Office of Alumni Engagement provides meaningful opportunities for you to engage with fellow alumni, current students, faculty, and the entire Campbell University community. We invite you to partner with us through events, benefits, communications, and philanthropy.

Join the alumni association for access to:
  • special events such as the Golf Classic and Cure Conference
  • exclusive opportunities like the Parents’ Council, Double Camels’ Club, and Student Society for Alumni and Friends
  • additional resources like job search coaching and financial counseling
  • ability to make or campaign for tax-deductible financial contributions
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Contact the Campbell Medicine Office of Alumni Relations

Sarah H. Bowman, JD
Director of Alumni Relations and Health Policy
910-814-4901  |

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