Research Facilities

Being just 30 miles from Research Triangle Park, our research program enables cooperation with other academic and biomedical research facilities. Our students and faculty have the option to learn and participate in several research opportunities.


Tracey F. Smith Hall

Biomedical research laboratories are located on the Campbell University Health Sciences campus on the fourth floor of Smith Hall. The newly constructed 7,000 square foot laboratory space includes facilities for research in the areas of cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, fluorescence microscopy, protein, DNA and RNA analysis, and small molecule separation. There are 14 lab benches with 28 workstations. The laboratory has a Biosafety Level 2 designation.

Bryan Hall 

Located on Campbell University’s main campus, Bryan Hall consists of individual biomedical research laboratories and common core laboratory space.  Core facilities here include cell culture and microscopy facilities. 

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab (HPL) located in Bryan Hall provides a comprehensive approach to clinical research.  The HPL is equipped with instrumentation to measure biomechanics, determine metabolic activity, analyze gait and determine skeletal muscle function.   

Free Radical Research Facility

Through an Institutional Development Grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, School of Osteopathic Medicine faculty researchers Drs. Yunbo Li, Oleg Alekseev, and Hong Zhu along with collaborators from the Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences established the EMXPlus EPR Free Radical Research Facility at Campbell University.  The free radical research facility includes an EMXplus Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectrometer for the direct detection of free radicals and paramagnetic species in biomedical research.  This facility is located in the Leslie H. Campbell Hall of Science

Confocal Microscopy Facility

In collaboration with the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, the School of Osteopathic Medicine maintains an Olympus Fluoview 300 Confocal System and iX70 microscope, which is accessible on the main campus in the Riddle Science building.


With over 40,000 square feet of research facilities, the Vyas Anatomy Lab, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Lab and the Simulation Center feature patient and training rooms/tables, surgical and emergency treatment suites, robotic and virtual simulators and a multipurpose room — all utilized for student and faculty training.

Some of our resources include:

  • Biomedical imaging
  • Confocal and inverted microscopes
  • Spectrofluorometer and dual beam spectrophotometer
  • Sorvall high speed centrifuge
  • Beckman ultracentrifuge
  • Gene sequencers

Additionally, an atomic absorbance spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometers, UV/visible spectrophotometers, NMR spectrometer, GC and HPLC chromatographic systems are available. Cell and tissue culture resources include hoods, carbon dioxide incubators, freezers, pure water systems, ice machines, liquid nitrogen tanks and autoclave ovens.

Clinical research is integrated into our healthcare centers, medical offices, affiliates and the community.

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