Behavioral Intervention


To ensure the safety and continued success of our medical student body, the Campbell University Behavioral Intervention Team for the School of Osteopathic Medicine (CUBIT-SOM), a sub-committee of the APPS Committee, serves osteopathic medical students by working with them and faculty to address and/or remediate any concerning event or pattern of personal behavior and/or professional interaction that implies a student is a threat to themselves or others.


Concerned faculty/staff may submit an electronic case referral form. If the report is submitted at the end of the day on Friday, it will not be reviewed until the start of the following business day.

Once a report is received you will be contacted by Dr. Dan Marlowe for follow-up regarding the situation and a team meeting will be scheduled. During the meeting, you as well as other pertinent campus and community individuals will be asked to present information regarding the student.

Upon conclusion, the CUBIT-SOM team may choose one of the following options: make a recommendation on the student’s continued enrollment or dismissal; continue to gather information and meet again; or monitor the situation for new developments. A formal letter detailing the team’s decision will be sent to the student and the appropriate program administrator.

The CUBIT-SOM will use policies outlined in the Student Handbook as a framework for its recommendations; however, the team reserves the right to utilize creativity to find the most appropriate solution as long as it falls in line with the policies of Campbell University. All discussions and deliberations of the CUBIT-SOM shall be in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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