Anatomical Gifts Program

The Anatomical Gifts Program accepts whole body donations for use in the advancement of medical education. Donation is the ultimate contribution an individual can make to advancing medical knowledge. Every donor and every donor family is held in the highest esteem.


Anatomical gifts facilitate the understanding of the human body as well as biomedical research by faculty and students. Working with cadavers teaches our students three-dimensional aspects and anatomical variations that cannot be taught through textbooks or images on a screen.

Our commitment

All of the members of the Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine Anatomical Gifts Program are committed to working closely with donor families to ensure each donation proceeds smoothly, is accepted in a thoughtful and respectful manner, and the wishes of the departed and his or her family are honored. The Anatomical Gifts Program maintains meticulous records of all bodies it receives and the faculty and students are committed to the utmost respectful maintenance and use.

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For more information, contact our Anatomical Gift Program at 910-893-1789.