Simulation Center

The 9,000 sq. ft. Simulation Center is located on the second floor of Leon Levine Hall of Medical Sciences. It encompasses standardized patient learning experiences and high fidelity simulation for learners from all of Campbell University’s health science programs as well as continuing education programs.


The area includes:

  • Six high fidelity simulation rooms including: Operating Room (OR); Emergency Room (ER); Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Birthing Suite; Virtual Simulation Room; and a Multipurpose Simulation Room.
  • Twelve OSCE (Objective Structured Physical Examination) suites where learners engage with Standardized Patients to simulate doctor-patient interactions. 
  • Vimedix with Microsoft HoloLens where students can interact with holograms representing human anatomy as they learn how to obtain ultrasound views and assess patients.
  • Exam and simulation rooms equipped with cameras and audio.
  • Computer lab, debriefing/discussion room are also features of the lab.


For more information, contact the Department of Simulation Medicine.

View a virtual tour of the Simulation Center below.